Angelic Confesssions

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Character Bio's

Aye - A born angel  outside of heaven, meant to destroy the children of light.

Aye was taken in by Father and raised in light her true identity sealed. Dark forces

want to unlock Aye's dark nature, which could destroy Aye and them all.





 Red Curls Angel -A mysterious figure in Aye's life.

She happens to be Aye's Mother.





Pio- An Elite guard(Mercy) to the Father.  Pio is assigned to become Aye's guardian. Sinister forces lurk to unlock Aye's dark nature, which could destroy them all. What Pio isn't suppose to do is fall in love with Aye.






 Raphael - Arch Angel and healer.

he becomes Aye's teacher/ mentor. 

He also know the truth about Aye.






 Michael -  Father's Stoic creation and one of the prominent

Arch Angels, and there are rumors as to whose side he is on. 









 Uriel - Fire of God ,Uriel is also a weaver of spells and bindings.

 He is responsible for  helping in the seals and bindings on Aye.




Gabriel- Head of Incarnation. He helps Aye to become human 

through incarnation.











Father- Creator of all.

He knows Aye's destiny is to destroy him.

The daughter of his daughter he can not destroy her.

Wiping Aye's memory Father raises Aye as his own creation. 

All the while knowing the darkness that lurks inside this born angel.                             










Aye's Twin Brother -  Sadistic and crazed Aye was promised to him from birth, but then was taken.

 Now he has found her again, and he will make her his bringing her back to where she belongs.